Here are some of our projects that we find interesting
and shows what we are capable of developing

Hidden Street

Hidden Street, a comprehensive guide and information database fansite for the popular 2D MMORPG game - MapleStory.

The website features the user access management system, where different level of users, such as the administrator, moderators and members, have certain restriction to the content of the website. This allows the community to contribute and maintain the information database on the website without. On top of that, the web system improves user experience, as the website can be extendable based on usersʼ request.

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Online Survey System

The client’s Customer Experience department conduct surveys with the customers to ensure satisfaction in its service in the banking industry. Besides customers, the department also conduct surveys with the company’s staffs to ensure satisfaction in the working environment.

The department had difficulties in handling the submission from thousands of staffs when the survey was being carried out in the company, as the submissions were tracked via e-mail and had wasted a lot of time to compile the results. In order to reduce the difficulty and resources in conducting a survey, the department decided that the easiest and the most convenient way to receive online submission is through online survey website.

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AntVoice is a pioneer in the market for Facebook applications. Founded in 2009, its success is now undeniable. With several applications having generated over 5 million users, AntVoice is the French leading publishing company and is amongst the top 100 worldwide.

Since AntVoice is established in France, it requires a multi-lingual feature on its website to allow both French and English language content to be displayed to the users. With that, Gix Solutions implement the web design, but also setup various modules to allow the client to manage contents in multiple language easily.

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FancyBugs is an e-commerce website that sells decorative wall art stickers that are easily removable, repositionable, and even reusable.

Unlike the usual e-commerce website that just sell products, FancyBugs would like the website to be a more interactive website where it could engage with the community. With that, FancyBugs came up with several requirements - allow the users to rate and comment on the products, photo sharing of the purchased products that are used, newsletter subscriptions, blogs, and many more.

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Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box (HITB) is one of the largest cyber-security company that organizes “deep knowledge” security events around the world.

Gix Solutions was given the opportunity to revamp HITB News website using Drupal CMS, which provides free knowledge and news regarding cyber-security.

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Tranquilice Spa

Tranquilice Spa sells a range of spa products that are refreshing and relaxing to its customers. This website was developed with Drupal Ubercart which enables Tranquilice Spa to sell their products online, where customers are able to purchase them via Paypal or credit card.

Besides local shipment, UPS Malaysia was integrated with Ubercart shipping module to allow worldwide shipments. With UPS Malaysia, shipping rates for international shipment are always updated without having the client to update the shipping rate fees on the website.

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